Who To Send Christmas Cards To
(And Who To Skip)

Ah, Christmastime. The season of joy, hope and list-making. At any moment between mid-November to late-December, lists seem to multiply before our very eyes. A list of gifts to purchase, parties to R.S.V.P. to, baking supplies to procure…we could go on and on. Let’s shove all those other lists aside and talk about our favorite one of them all: your Christmas card list! Creating a list of who to send a Christmas card to can feel like an overwhelming task but the team at Pear Tree is here to help. We like to begin by breaking our lists down into relationship category. Let’s dig in!


This might seem like a “well, duh” category but come on, families are complicated. Here’s a fool-proof way to narrow down that long, long list. Ask yourself this question: If I were to throw myself a mega-milestone birthday party (or wedding or any sort of celebration) and had an unlimited budget, which family members would I invite? Chances are you have pretty clear picture of what that guest list would look like. For some, it might include your immediate family only. For others it’s a huge list of extended family. And for most, it’s an eclectic mix of those you’re closest to.


It used to be that making a list of friends was oh-so-simple but in the age of social media, it can become murky. You might have 563 “friends” but really…you don’t (thank goodness!). When deciding which friends to send Christmas cards to, break your list down into sub-categories.

1. Life-long friends: The ones that have had your back since middle school. The ones you list as your emergency contact. The ones you’ll still share inside jokes with at 84.
2. Family friends: The folks that feel a like family, but aren’t technically family. Those families you grew up with, stay connected with and support unconditionally.
3. Former Friends: When we say “former friends”, we don’t mean friends you’ve cut ties with. We mean those pals who were once an everyday part of your life and now aren’t. That’s life! If you still feel a bond with these folks and they give you warm fuzzies, keep them on your list. And if they don’t, take them off. Guilt-free!
4. Emerging friends: The ones whose friendship you genuinely treasure in this moment. Our advice is to be generous! Don’t stress over whether you’ll stay friends with them forever and ever. Spread a little holiday joy.


Every neighborhood is different so this is a toughie. The luckiest of us have neighbors that are also our friends, but even if yours aren’t your forever BFF, consider sending them a card. We promise it’ll brighten their day. Bonus points: you don’t even need a stamp if you can sneakily slip it in their mail slot.


Remember when you were a child and your teacher told you not to bring your birthday party invitations to school unless you invited the whole class? Yeah, same applies here. If you have a small team of co-workers and adore them all, then by all means, hand-deliver a card to everyone (also, lucky you!). If you only want to share your card with a select few, drop them in the mail. And if you want to spread holiday cheer without singling out specific team members, display your holiday card near your office or a common work space for all to share. Bonus points if you also bring a plate a Christmas cookies.

Teachers, Caregivers & Service Providers

If anyone deserves a little love this holiday season, it’s these guys. Start by making a list of all of those who provide a service to you and then simply check off which ones you’d like to send a card to. Remember that many service providers will display holiday cards in their office so be aware that you may be on display for all to see.
A list to get you started:

• Teachers and Faculty
• Day Care Provider
• Babysitter
• Church leadership and teaching staff
• Sports Coaches
• Music Teachers
• Hair stylist
• Fitness Instructor
• Doctor & Dentist

That’s it. Your list is ready to roll. Before we go, we want to take a second to answer our two most-asked questions about holiday card giving and receiving.

Q: If someone sends me a Christmas card, do I have to send them one?
A: No, of course not. But if you’d like to, then yes, go for it! We recommend ordering extra cards just for this purpose. Remember to add them to your list for the following year.

Q: When should I send my Christmas cards?
A: Typically by mid-December, but it all depends on where you’re mailing to. We break it all down right here.

Now that you have your list complete, it’s time to create your Christmas card! At Pear Tree, we design cards that are unique, beautiful and unlike any you’ve sent before. We hope you enjoy browsing and customizing a card that fits your family and brings holiday cheer to your entire list of loved ones!


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