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5 Reasons College Grads Should Send Announcements

College graduation is an entirely different sense of accomplishment than high school. A college degree is a choice: a choice to push yourself, a choice to invest in yourself and see what’s possible.

So should you really mail out college graduation announcements? Without a doubt, yes!

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Creating your college graduation announcements is pretty straightforward. Add photos, your custom wording and any personal details you care to share. But the reasons for sending an announcement might surprise you…

1. Because This HUGE Achievement

We know you’ve been celebrating. Trust us, we’ve been there.

An announcement is a different kind of celebration. It’s something you get to create and customize to fit your personality and celebrate you. Kind of like writing a cover letter and resume, an announcement is an opportunity to make yourself look really, really good!

Send it to all of your friends and family so they can celebrate with you, even if just in spirit.

2. To Score a Job

Once you graduate, even before, networking becomes very important. Sending announcements is an easy way to get your name out there, share the degree you’ve earned and announce future plans.

Be sure to add any professional contacts you’ve gathered throughout your college career to your list of recipients. Internship supervisors, volunteer coordinators, adjunct professors, anybody you’ve developed a working relationship with who might know of and share job opportunities.

3. It’s a Great Way to Share an Anticipated Update

Friends and family are waiting to hear about your future plans!

Yes, you can share all kinds of posts on Facebook but we all know not everybody will see your posts, and the older generation like grandparents definitely won’t unless Nana is tech savvy enough, which is totally possible!

Announcements let you share your achievement plus your future plans like whether you have a job lined up or where you plan to move.

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4. Show Off Photos and Updates

You’ve likely got some amazing snapshots from your senior year, and they should be shared. Not only shared, but printed! Or maybe you’ve lined up a photographer to take some college senior photos.

Either way, we’ve got a great collection of photo graduation announcements so you can create an outstanding announcement everyone is going to love!

5. Show School Pride

Last but certainly not least, show your school pride! You will soon be a graduate with an alma mater you will forever be connected to.

Share just how proud you are to have graduated from a school you love and will always love by adding your school logo or mascot to your announcement.

Congrats, college grads and best wishes!


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