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Promo Applied: TRICK50

50% Off $49+ | Code: TRICK50

50% Off $49+ | Code: TRICK50 | Ends 10/1

Promo Applied: TRICK50

50% Off $49+ | Code: TRICK50

Promo Applied:

Steal-Worthy Funny Christmas Card Wording

Everyone loves getting Christmas cards in the mail, right? And we all especially enjoy cards that include family photos. Sweet little faces, a lovely holiday sentiment and a heartfelt greeting wishing all your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

Of course, we love a classic Christmas card. BUT – if you’re hoping to sending a card that’s a little more fun, may we suggest creating a holiday greeting that’s sure to make every recipient smile and even laugh out loud. Sending a funny Christmas card has become more popular each year, and our designers absolutely love dreaming up funny sayings and quotes that take your photo Christmas card from “aww” to “ha, ha, ha!”

Featured Christmas Card: Nice Enough

Need some inspiration? Go ahead and steal these funny wording examples!

Funny Christmas Cards for Families With Young Kids

If you have young children, you know what it means to juggle a million things at the same time, all while at least one kid is having a meltdown. These phrases are perfect to pair with a cute photo of your crew! Someday, you’ll look at your photo holiday card and wish you could turn back time.

  • All is Calm-ish!
  • Dreaming of a holiday where treetops glisten and children listen…
  • A little crazy, a little loud, a lot of love!
  • Better Not Pout!
  • All is Not Calm, But All is Not Bright
  • Dear Santa, We Can Explain!

Featured Christmas Card: Children Listen

Funny Sayings For a Perfect Family Portrait

You did it. You got through your annual family photoshoot, and have the perfect family photos to prove it. Feeling like those beautiful images don’t portray real life? Put them on a photo Christmas card, but add a funny saying to keep things real.

  • Zero Resemblance to Our Real Life!
  • Our Real Life Looks Nothing Like This.
  • This is a Christmas Miracle

Featured Christmas Card: Not Real Life

Cute Sayings to Pair with Your Hot Mess of a Photo

Does the idea of trying to get a family photo of each child looking at the camera smiling make you cringe? Don’t even try. Instead, snap a picture that’s extra candid, and pair it with a humorous saying.

  • We Tried!
  • This Will Have to Do! Happy Holidays!
  • Nailed It. Merry Christmas!
  • Bright. Hanging in There!
  • Some Call it Chaos, We Call it Family.
  • Rarely Calm. Always Bright!
  • It’s Fine. We’re Fine. Everything’s Fine!

Featured Christmas Card: We Tried

Funny Christmas Card Wording for a Holiday Birth Announcement

If you’ve been blessed with a new addition family, creating a Christmas birth announcement is a great idea! We love a sweet card, but these funny sayings make for a fun introduction, especially when siblings make an appearance.

  • We’re Dreaming of a Quiet Christmas!
  • (Not So) Silent Night

Featured Christmas Card: All is Still Bright 

Grinch-Worthy Sarcastic Christmas Card Wording

Maybe Christmas just isn’t your thing. If you want to send a funny holiday card that’ll make your friends and family chuckle, these sarcastic card sayings are guaranteed to get the job done.

  • Festive AF
  • Insert Cheerful Holiday Message Here.
  • Merry Elfin’ Christmas!
  • Okayest Year Ever. Happy New Year!
  • Obligatory Christmas Card from the Wilson Family!

Featured Christmas Card: Cheerful Message

Funny New Year's Card Wording if You Missed Christmas 

There are two types of people in this world. Those that order their Christmas cards by Halloween, and those who wait until mid-December and think, “uh oh.”


If you procrastinated, send a funny  New Year’s card instead!

  • Oh Sh!t, We Missed Christmas!
  • Merry Chr… Happy New Year!
  • We’re Late for Everything. So, Happy New Year!

Featured Christmas Card: Missed Christmas

Funny Christmas Card Wording With Heart

Family life is usually one part sweet, one part spicy, right? Your Christmas card can be too! These sweet quotes are as heartfelt as they are hilarious.

  • It’s a Crazy, Busy, Wonderful Life
  • All the Joy We Can Handle!
  • Some Call it Chaos, We Call it Family.
  • Sometimes Naughty. Sometime Nice. Always Loved.

Featured Christmas Card: All the Joy

Are you inspired to design your Christmas card? We can’t wait to see how you customize your card. If you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out for advice and assistance from our fabulous team.  


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