Address Labels

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Address labels are the finishing touch to every invitation, announcement or thank you card. Not only do they make a mailing necessity super cute, they also amp up the excitement for what's inside the envelope. If the address label looks this good, just imagine what's inside! At Pear Tree, our address labels dress to impress. This huge collection includes small rectangular address labels, 2" circle-shaped address labels, and 2.25" square labels that are large enough to hold your envelopes closed without licking -- a benefit you're sure to appreciate. Some address labels can even be personalized with photos!

Address labels come in all kinds of designs to match all kinds of special occasions from weddings to baby showers to graduation announcements and so much more. Everyone loves receiving an invitation, announcement or greeting card in the mail but matching address labels make the whole experience even more fun. Plus these modern address labels are super easy to customize and order. If you're looking for an added touch of style but don't necessarily need address labels, you might want to check out our collection of envelope seals . They're just as cute but no need for an address.

When shopping, here are some nitty-gritty details you might appreciate. The standard rectangular size address labels come in sheets of 24 stickers per sheet and are perfectly sized for putting in the usual spot on the front of your envelopes. The circles have 20 per sheet, and the square designs come in sheets of 12. These larger sizes are designed to go on the backs of your envelopes. Have fun dressing up your envelopes with address labels that show off your style!

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